Manchester United v Valerenga: LIVE By Eurosport

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Manchester United v Valerenga: LIVE

By Eurosport

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Join us for live coverage of the pre-season friendly.

66′ The first time I saw McTominay I assumed he wouldn’t make it at United, but he’s looked very composed lately. One who looks certain to make it is Tuanzebe, and he slides a fine pass inside Lundstrom for Mitchell, who skates onto it only to be manhandled off the ball. No penalty, apparently.

64′ Chance for Valerenga! Holm finds space outside Tuanzebe and his cross is there for Zahid, but he snatches at it, sending the ball over the top.

62′ Double change for United: Romero and Pogba off, Pereira and McTominay on.

61′ Now that you ask, I’d go: De Gea; Valencia, Lindelof, Jones, Tuazebe; Herrera, Pereira, Pogba; Mkhitaryan, Lukaku, Martial. Or something like that.

60′ MUTV’s commentary team reckon the team that starts against Sampdoria will start against Real Madrid.

58′ Martial looks very sharp indeed, and he escapes pver halfway with Lukaku in support. So Lundstrom hoofs him up in the air by way of trip, and is booked.

57′ Lekven breaks, so Pereira launches into a challenge, scything him down and taking a yellow card.

56′ oigba absolutely rinses his man in midfield, chopping inside him as the crowd laughs. Eventually the ball makes its way forward to Martial, who dashes into the box, skins his man with a spin, and is crowded out.

53′ Pereira escapes three challenges in the middle of the pitch to win free-kick. He’s done really well in pre-season, well enough to earn himself some minutes when the serious business gets underway.

52′ Lukaku looks for Fosu-Mensah outside him, but Pogba interferes and his touch then lets him down. But the ball quickly ends up where it was meant to, and when the cross comes in, Martial powers a header over the bar.

51′ United look much better this half, and Fosu-Mensah finds Martial, on the right this time, and again he wins a corner. This time it comes to nothing, but two strikers is making a big difference. I’m not sure three defenders are necessary to facilitate it though.

47′ GOAL! Valerenga 0-2 Manchester United (Lukaku) This is a great header. I think Pereira takes the corner, and at the front post, Lukaku easily outjumps Aragyiri to power a header high into the net.

47′ Lukaku finds Martial, who teases his full-back and wins a corner in the process.

46′ Lindelof is also on; he, Smalling and Tuanzebe are in a back-three, I think.

46′ Martial gets us going.

19.00 Bare changes: on come Smalling, Fosu-Mensah, Pereira, Lukaku, Herrera, Tuanzebe, Mitchell, Martial. Pogba and Romero are still on.

18.49 I’ll level with you; I’ve seen better halves. I’m sure it’ll get better after the break, no I’m not.

18.48 Half-time: Valerenga 0-1 Manchester United

44′ GOAL! Valerenga 0-1 Manchester United (Fellaini) All that pressure and passing, and United need a header from Fellaini to score. It actually comes from a lovely half-volleyed cross out on the right, Mkhitaryan with it, and the finish goes in off Tullos, though was probably headed that way with or without. How can they even consider letting this man leave?

43′ Rashford nips in ahead of Tullos, nicks possession down the left, then diddles him with a feint. But Tullos comes back at him well, the cross can’t pick out Mata, and Valerenga break. Ok, “break”.

41′ The crowd are getting bored. I beat them to it by about half an hour; how dya like them apples?

39′ Rashford is down after being crunched by Jaager, but eventually he’s up gingerly, clutching his back.

38′ Mkhitaryan has looked relatively lively, and he crosses low from the left; Blind tries to flick it into the far corner, but can’t quite manage.

36′ Nice from United, Blind into Mkhitaryan, who turns into the path of Rashford; that was beautifully done, but the flag goes up even though the linesman incorrectly adjudges offside.

36′ Valerenga, Oslo’s only top division side, are 7th in the league.

35′ Pogba lanks forward from centre to right and eventually three men combine to bring him down. The ref sees nothing untoward.

33′ Aragyiri reckons he’s got some space just outside the United box, but it’s not at all long before Pogba slides in and retrieves the ball for his own uses.

32′ The players are treating this game like it’s a pre-season friendly.

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