15 gifts for dad you can have before he knows you forgot Fathers Day

Yeah that's totally a keyboard-shaped waffle.
Image: The keyboard waffle iron
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Fathers day is right around the corner and people everywhere are simultaneously realizing they totally forgot. (Friendly reminder: its always the third Sunday in June.)

Dont panic.

Hopefully this list of 15 presents will help inspire you, as theres something in here for nearly every type of Dad, at nearly every price point. The best part? Theyre all Amazon Prime eligible, meaning youll have them in two days or less for free.

So take a look and cement your status as the favorite child once and for all.

Keep his suitcase game strong

Image: Bluesmart

Besides looking cool AF, this carry on has tons of great features, like a battery with two USB charging ports, a remote digital lock, and built-in scale that tells the bags weight through the app. Get it here for $308.59.

Check out this Amazon review from a world traveler: One of the best carry on suit cases on the market. I travel every 10 days to Europe and back to the U.S. and was looking for a carry on that functions as mobile office infrastructure while waiting for a connecting flight at an airport. I love the 2 USB chargers that allow me to charge my phone and iPad at the same time. The design looks great and it’s perfect size as carry on on all airlines worldwide, even for some European low cost airlines that can be restrictive. – Amazon Customer

Make travel comfortable

Image: heliumk

This is what would happen if neck pillows were written into the plot of Transformers. Small enough to fit in a backpack or briefcase, the Elite K inflates to form the perfect headrest thats seems perfectly suited to all the stomach sleepers out there. Get it here for $18.99.

Keep dad cozy

Image: ugg australia

Equipped with rubber soles, these slippers are acceptable for outdoor wear, killing two birds with one stone and making dads life just that much easier. You can grab a pair for as low as $43.98 here.

Let the Echo Dot keep him entertained

Image: amazon

The Echo Dot is a hands-free voice-controlled device that connects to Amazons Alexa Voice Service, which can do pretty much everything from making calls to turning off the lights. The more you use Dot, the more it adapts to your speech patterns, vocabulary, and personal preferences. Not only will Alexa make dads life a lot easier, she can also give his jokes the pity laughs they deserve. Get it here for $39.99.

Check out one happy customers review: Thanks to fantastic third party support, the Dot has no problem controlling all of my smart stuff while allowing me to listen to music, order food, check the weather, listen to the radio, set alarms and timers, all of which is easily accomplished through simple voice commands – DJ

Saturdays are for the dads

Image: fizzics

For the beer snob dad: this battery powered tap works with all IPAs, pilsners, brown ales, and other types of beer that you may not know the difference between but dad definitely does. Get it here for $199.99.

Time for some cocktails

Image: chefs basics

If hes more of a cocktail guy, this set has everything dad might need to make the perfect drink. This nine-piece set will help to up his entertaining game how thoughtful of you. Get it here for $29.99.

So fresh and so clean

Image: polo ralph lauren

This set of travel-sized colognes is perfect if your dads on the go and likes to smell good or if youre just nervous hell hate the one you pick. Get the set here for $46.32.

For the chill dad

Image: hyperchiller

This device chills hot coffee up to 130 degrees to make iced coffee in 60 seconds without dilution. The HyperChiller can also be used for wine, whiskey, and other soft drinks. Get it here for $34.99.

Let him relive the good ol days on loop

Image: spiro goods

This digital photo frame puts all your memories in one place by allowing up to 16GB of photo and video. Pro Tip: fill it with baby pictures of yourself and let the Awwws ensue. Grab it here for $139.99.

The national bank of dad

Image: SImpacx

This theft-proof wallet has advanced RFID technology that blocks reader devices from grabbing valuable info. Made of genuine leather, the wallet has a sleek design to boot. Get it here for $19.99.

Too good to be true? One Amazon reviewer calls it, The best wallet Ive ever had! – Madlizard5

And in the morning, Im making waffles!

Image: the keyboard waffle iron

Let your dad geek out over this keyboard-shaped mold that makes waffles in five minutes. Get it here for $68.24.

Because he still likes books

Image: random house

Mel Brooks, Jerry Seinfeld, and Chris Rock are a few of the names that appear in Sick in the Head, a collection of interviews by Knocked Up writer Judd Apatow, featuring some of the biggest names in comedy over the past 30 years. Get it here for as low as $11.25.

The OG dad-tivity: card games

Image: cards against humanity llc.

While it can get a little raunchy depending on whos playing, Cards Against Humanity is easy to learn and totally hilarious. Get it here for $25.

When your siblings refuse to split a gift

Image: willcallyou

If youre on a tight budget this year, a funny mug and sweet card goes a long way. So yes, this is in my shopping cart. Get it here for $10.99.

Get personal with it

Image: knock knock

Another wallet-friendly option, this book lets you fill in the blanks with your personal memories. Get it here for $14.95.

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