10 products for everyone who loves unicorns

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We all need a little magic in our lives. Thankfully, unicorns are here to stay.

Maybe its a hold out from our Lisa Frank devotion in the 90s or a need to believe in something pure and magical, but these majestic mythical creatures are everywhere and we are so here for it.

From gadgets to cookie cutters to slippers and more, here are the 10 products that celebrate our love for all things unicorn.

Make all your onesie dreams come true


See the unicorn be the unicorn. Wrap yourself up in this cozy onesie while dreams of frolicking through rainbows dance in your head. Get it here for $27.99.

Behold the magic

Image: atlantic collectibles

Unicorns can have bad days too, okay? Bring luck and joy into your home with this humorous wine holder, or give to a friend as a housewarming gift. This cute find will cost you $16 and you can grab it here.

Heal it with some unicorn dust

Image: Accoutrements

These unicorn bandages are a serious upgrade from the drab beige youre used to. Legend has it that the elusive unicorn will even wish you good luck during your healing process. Cover your cuts with enchanted rainbows and get the bandages here for $7.17

Harness the unicorn power

Image: DBigness

True magic is reviving a dead gadget sans wall outlet. Make sure you always have extra juice on deck with this external charger. Get the portable unicorn head here ($14.99)

Your swan pool float, upgraded.

Image: funboy

You need this wildly colorful inflatable to have the summer of your dreams. Even more magical than the float itself? The companys mission to provide people in the developing world with one year of access to clean drinking water for every float purchased. Get the float here for $99.

Worth the dough

Image: Ann Clark Cookie Cutters

Make eating more fun by creating sugar cookies in the shape of clouds and unicorns with the help of these fantastical cookie cutters. Get the set of three here for $9.49.

Feet in the clouds

Image: ThinkGeek

Prance around the house with some seriously happy feet in these plush slippers. Colorful enough to match all jammies, these cozy accessories give a whole new meaning to walking on clouds. Grab them here for $7.88.

Show your horns

Image: Merchandise 24/7

Protect your mane with this hilarious shower cap. Complete with a golden horn, itll keep your hair dry while you bathe. Get it here for $5.99.

Add some magic to tea time

Image: Fred & Friends

Narwhals are just the unicorns of the sea, okay? Fill this whimsical infuser with your favorite loose leaf tea and pop into some hot water to let the good vibes steep. Get it here for $9.99.

For those who are still skeptical

Image: Sourcebooks

Spend some time entertaining your inner child with this funny coloring book. This atypical take on unicorn behavior shows them eating leftovers, acting inappropriately in movie theatres, and just being jerks. Get it here for $7.99.

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