What Makes A Bad Tattoo

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What Makes A Bad Tattoo

Sometimes tattoos go bad. And there are a few reasons why this happens. Here is a list of five instances. Look through the list and see if you have ever experienced any of the issues mentioned below.

1. Ink Matters a Lot

People have had tattoos for centuries. Nowadays people get tattooed in order to let others know slightly more about their characters, attitudes and lifestyles. The technology has improved, but its main idea is still the same – to puncture the skin and fill up the wound with ink. This causes allergic reactions, infections and other issues in some people.

2. Allergic Reactions

Red ink is the most allergic tattoo dye. It causes itching around the tattooed area. You might also experience swelling and a rash. This type of reaction can occur after the tattoo is applied or a few years later. If itching is mild, then a steroid cream will resolve the issue. If your reaction is more severe and you cannot treat it on your own, then consult a specialist.

3. Reactions to Light

Ink tends to react to sunlight. If your tattoo is fresh, you should not expose it to the sun. Keep it covered for at least two weeks to avoid your skin turning red. The colors that may cause swelling and redness are yellow and red. Try and apply some steroid cream to treat the area. If this does not help, see your doctor.

4. Skin Infections

Infections can be avoided if you go to a tattoo artist who is recommended by others and who works with perfectly clean equipment in a licensed salon. Skin infections vary and may cause redness. They make your skin tender. The area around the tattoo can swell and you might even notice puss coming from the skin. In this case you will mostly likely need to take antibiotics and see your doctor.

5. Problems with Removal

Luckily, tattoos can be removed. Do it only if you hate the tattoo and want to get rid of it. You might also want to remove it if infection or allergic reaction won’t clear up. Your tattoo will be removed with a laser. Although this technology is not absolutely perfect, it won’t leave scars. Bear in mind that after the procedure your skin color and texture can change. This is especially noticeable on dark skin.

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