Here’s the cruelest prank you can pull in a crowded airport

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For many, “being at the airport” is synonymous with “feeling bad.” The bathrooms are kinda gross, the foot traffic is unrelenting, and a bottle of water and a granola bar cost $14. Worst of all, when you seek a brief escape from these horrors, there are no outlets available to charge your phone.

And that’s why this prank is so cruel.

While waiting for a flight to London at Miami International Airport, @JustBasicDave decided to pepper his terminal with fake outlet stickers so that when patrons tried to plug their electronics in, they would be met not with sweet, sweet power, but with confusion and outrage.

And yes, people tried it.

While airport denizens didn’t seem amused by the prank, people online you know, the people with working phones who were not at the airport seemed to think it was pretty funny. Most, however, also saw the gravity of the situation. Dave … this was a risk.


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If you’re a huge masochist and want to be the least popular person at the airport, you can purchase fake outlet covers of your own on Amazon. Tread lightly!

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